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Way back to the old musical time 



Micmusic is a fascinating 2.1 multimedia speaker system with wireless streaming technology. The old fashioned design of microphone prototype brings you back to the music hall era in the past. Wherever Micmusic is located, the sense of nostalgia fills in the whole room.

With Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, it's able to stream music from smart phones, tablets and other digital devices. The unique cabinet design of subwoofer is optimal for deep bass production. Featuring powerful bass and clear highs, Micmusic is ideal for home entertainment with wireless fun. 


  • Stylish 2.1 Bluetooth home speaker with built-in amplifier. 

  • Microphone prototype appearance highlights your home with old fashion.

  • Special designed subwoofer with large cabinet for deeper bass.

  • Full audio spectrum performance for optimum listening  experience.

  • 3.5mm stereo output supports earphone jack in. 



Output power: 2.5W * 2 + 5W (THD=10%)

Harmonic distortion: < 0.5% (1W 1kHz)

Input sensitivity: 500mV 

Frequency response: 50 Hz - 20 kHz  

Signal/Noise ratio: > 70 dB

Separation: > 44 dB


Tweeter driver: 2.5" * 2

Woofer driver: 6.5" 


Input: 3.5mm Line in, Bluetooth

Output: 3.5mm stereo

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