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Trekker 200

A Travel Companion You Can’t Forget


Trekker 200 is a true wireless Bluetooth earbuds for free wireless entertainment. Ergonomic, wearable technology combined with perfect functionality makes this True Wireless earbud a perfect and efficient companion. 

Microlab’s featured sound with immersive deep bass, detailed highs and superb clarity. Housed in a sleek recharging case, Trekker 200 stays charged throughout the day. It completely sets your hands free to enable Siri function of your iOS devices, which allows you to interact at any time you'd like. Small package with automatic recharging function in a box, no more worry for your pleasant trip.


Comfort: Comfortable to wear and convenient to carry.   

TWS: True Wireless Technology provides smart connecting.

Siri: Sync Siri on your iOS phone, free interaction for all your need.

Charging Case:  One small case included for automatic recharging of earbuds.

Battery: LED indicator shows battery capacity percentage of charging case. 

Hands-Free Calls: Built-in microphone makes it easy to take your calls on the road.


Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 10 kHz  

Signal/Noise Ratio: 59 dB

Transmitting Distance: 10m

Standby Time: 15 hours

Playback Time: 2 hours

Charging Time: 30 min

Box Battery Capacity: 400mAh

Box Charging Time: 2 hours

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