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OD60-H is an outdoor speaker with glass fiber cone woofer and titanium dome tweeter, which delivers deep, rich bass and pure sound even in the tough acoustic conditions of the outdoors. It's installed with a quality mounting bracket that is rotatable in different angles. Now you can get seated randomly with adjusting the speaker towards your ears. It's commonly used on the patio, deck or garden.  


Woofer: 6” Glass Fiber Cone, 8Ω 

Tweeter: 1” Titanium Dome, 8Ω

Rated Power: 40W (max. 80W)

Sensitivity: 85dB±3dB 1m1w

Frequency Response: 85Hz-20kHz

Product Dimension: W225.6 x D220 x H300 mm 

Material/Colour: ABS/White


OD60-H Speaker  1 pc

Mounting Bracket  1 pc

User Manual  1 pc

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